Somerset winter photos

Where I live, we have had little snow until recent years, but this past year or two have been beautiful. Despite having to endure the discomfort, it’s nice to get some proper winters again and enjoy the contrast to summer that a dusting of snow and a hoar frost brings.

Foolishly I missed out on getting some photos of the hoar frost last time around so I thought I would make a special effort this year to get out and see a few things whilst capturing it on camera.

I was fortunate to find a herd of ponies on Cothelstone Hill in Somerset. A couple of dominent ponies wandered over to me a few times to stand their ground and protect the herd so I had to gently move around the outside to get the shots I wanted whithout disturbing them. Luckily they didn’t gallop off and were good enough to move around a bit so I could try out some different angles.

I saw this tree standing lonely in the brisk chilling wind and coated in a thick hoar frost. Much of the frost had fallen to the ground with the wind as the slow thaw had begun. It was a very strange sight looking down at the frost at my feet. The chunks of ice fallen from the tree looked and felt exactly like charcoal except being white instead of black.

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