Southerndown, Wales day out

I thought I would take a day out today and explore somewhere new.  I haven’t been to Wales very much and I know there is lots to see there that I haven’t yet discovered.  I asked for some good places to go from a local and they told me Southerdown was their favourite.  I Googled the place and it looked great, so I thought I would take a trip there.  It’s a lot like Kilve beach which is very close to where I live, but Southerndown rather than just being rocks, has the added bonus of a vast expanse of golden sand.  Barely a person was on the beach when I got there.  There are lots and lots of unusual rock formations to discover and explore.  At this time of year, when the sun is low (as long as the sun is shining of course), the shadows look amazing on the rocks.  The low shadows make everything look more three dimensional, with more depth and contrast.  I took quite a few photos whilst I was there and it really did feel like a wilderness.

I parked at the top of the hill and walked down; that in itself is a nice walk.  At the bottom however, there is a car park (I didn’t see the charges) so you can easily get right down to the beach.  I saw some people walking their dogs on the beach, they were having a great time and had loads of space to run around.  There is also a path along the cliff tops.  I understand the beach can be busy in summer time, but even if it is I can’t see it getting packed, it’s a huge space!

I think Southerdown is going to be on my list of nice places to go, even though it is a bit of a drive from me.

Southerndown WalesSoutherndown Wales

Southerndown Wales

Southerndown WalesSoutherndown Wales

Southerndown Wales Southerndown Wales

So why did I take a photograph of this tyre?!  Well, how do you think it got there?  It’s crushed under a huge chunk of rock.  Ok, so the rock fell on top of it, but the rock face is about 40 metres away, if not more, so it certainly didn’t get trapped under there last week!  How long does it take for the rockface to recede like that from erosion?  10, 20, 30 years or more?  More I’d say, as this looks like a vintage tyre.  I’m curious just how long this tyre has been there and if it has indeed been there decades, it certainly hasn’t eroded much!Southerndown WalesSoutherndown WalesSoutherndown Wales

Shortly after leaving Southerndown, I drove over to a nearby place called Ogmore, where there are some ruins of a castle.  The timing of today was just right, I could not have planned it better.  Dramatic clouds and sun on the beach, it rained on the way to Ogmore whilst in the car, then whilst at Ogmore, there was thick dark cloud but a gap appeared from which the sun shone through right onto the castle.  There were also some stepping stones opposite the castle, and I noticed a couple walking across them.  It looked a bit precarious, and the evil side of me hoped they would fall in as it would make for good video haha.


Ogmore Wales

Myself standing in front of the Ogmore Castle ruins

Ogmore Wales


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