Bespoke wedding albums

Pink leather covered large Queensberry wedding album
Inside large Queensberry wedding albumInside small Queensberry wedding albumInside Queensberry wedding albumDebossed titles on Queensberry wedding albumlarge green fabric Queensberry wedding album
Queensberry wedding album cover titles motiflarge brown leather Queensberry wedding albumlarge green fabric Queensberry wedding albumInside large Queensberry wedding albumInside large Queensberry wedding album
Inside page of large Queensberry wedding albumModern hand made wedding albumModern hand made wedding albumModern hand made wedding albumModern hand made wedding album
Modern hand made wedding albumModern hand made wedding albumModern hand made wedding album

Bespoke wedding albums

All the bespoke wedding albums I offer are based around elegant design, so no matter what colour or material you choose, your album will look timeless as opposed to gimmicky. Your photos will look as beautiful in years to come as the year of your wedding.


I have three bespoke wedding album ranges, all have different features and are priced depending on what your budget is and what is important to you.

Which of the following three features are most important to you?:

1. Luxury and quality

2. Value for money without compromise

3. Flexibility to change the album design whenever you want during it’s life


1. Luxury wedding albums

In a world where every image is digital and people’s images rarely escape their computer screens, this is the time where your beautiful images will be displayed in all their glory, for all to see.  An album you can touch and feel rather than just look at on a screen.  My very best album range are made by Queensberry, a New Zealand company who have years of experience in handmade luxury albums of the utmost quality.  Of course this comes at a price, but Queensberry have never failed to create that wow factor and present what are already beautiful images, in such a fantastic album to last a lifetime.  You can choose whatever material or colour you like.  Choose from a wide range of options so you can match your album to your wedding colour scheme.  Add a parent album if you like too.  Queensberry albums together with my experience of photographing weddings will produce for you the most amazing album that will be cherished and proudly shown to friends and family for generations.  If you want the very best, this is it!

It’s hard to see from a few photos on a website just how stunning these albums are. These wedding albums weigh several kilos and are finished with a beautiful cover.  Whoever sees the album is guaranteed to be impressed.  This is good old fashioned quality that is hard to come by these days.

If you would like a full run down on all the wedding album options available, please contact me to make an appointment for a meeting.

All Queensberry album packages include all day photography.

White leather wedding album made by Queensberry

2. Modern wedding albums

My Queensberry albums are my top of the range albums, but for those whose budget cannot stretch that far, I have introduced a British made range of albums from GF Smith that are more affordable.  They may be lower in price, but they definitely still have a wow factor.  The ‘Modern Albums’ are a slightly simpler design, but still have a classic feel.  You get value for your money with these albums and they can be whichever colour you choose.

The Modern albums have less of the small extra details of the Luxury album range, but you can get a very large album for a lot less.  Also the design is of a sleek digital style rather than a more traditional style of images within card mount apertures.  The pages lay completely flat and the images can run right up to the edge of the page if you wish.  I chose not to do this with the sample albums though, as images tend to look classier when they have a frame around them (just like in a gallery).

The modern albums really allow you to make the most of all that space available so the detail in the images really hit you.  The albums come in a sturdy presentation box meaning your beautiful wedding album will be well protected (although it probably won’t be put away much at least at first, because you will be busy showing it to everyone!!).

You can have your names debossed into your album cover if you wish.  This adds your own classy personal touch and really makes a big difference to the album’s appearance.  Debossing is £50 for setup and design, but if you have more than one album there is no extra charge as long as the same design is used for each.  You can see the debossing in the images above.


Simple, elegant wedding album in lime green

Modern Wedding Album – A5 Parent album on top of matching A3 main album

3. Leather Print Albums

Very different to the Luxury and Modern album ranges I offer, Leather Print Albums give you the flexibility to alter your album at any given time.  This design allows you to remove photos you have looked at over and over again, and replace them with new images to keep your album fresh and the memories alive.  Leather Print Albums are made from a very thick cover of high quality leather available in a number of tasteful colours.  Inside are high gloss pouches to hold your precious photo memories.  You may also have your names embossed on the cover should you desire (extra charge) to give the final finished personalised look.  These are great albums for those who want a more practical album and one that won’t ever have to stay the same.

Brown leather albumBrown leather album showing images inside

Parent albums

Parents play a big part in your wedding so why not give them an album so they can proudly show it off to friends and relatives.


One final thought

Maybe the very best albums are the pones that become tatty over the years because of how many times they have been proudly handed around and memories have been relived.  I truly hope my albums will live their life that way.

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