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Good business portraits say a lot about your company.  A professional headshot or staff profile sets you apart from your competition.  It shows you as a working professional committed to offering the best service to your customers.  However, how you choose to portray your image is up to you.  I can give a big business style feel, or give a lighter more approachable style if you are a smaller company that works more face to face with your clients.

Or it could be you are building a business network via LinkedIn and you want to create the best possible professional impression to clients and business partners.  I’m happy to cater for that need too.

“Your relaxed and friendly manner made the photos much better than I was expecting.  None of us like having our photos taken, but you made the experience as enjoyable as it could be.  Thank you.”  (Governance Publishing)

Actor headshots 

Making your way in the world of theatre and need some actor headshots to impress agencies and get a foot in the door?  There is no substitute for a professional actor headshot photo.  I will work with you to get the right angle, best light, bring across the persona you want to sell and give you a variety of options that will all be great.  You will find it hard to choose your favourite photos.


Staff headshots collage
Staff group photoStaff profile photoStaff profile photoStaff profile photoStaff profile photo
Staff profile photo of Kat PerryBusiness headshot profile of Danny GoslingHeadshot profile photo of Victoria CooperHeadshot profile photo of Amy Booker
Headshot profile photo of Amy BookerAuthor profile photo of Neil GrimmetAuthor profile photo of Neil GrimmetStaff profile photoBusiness profile photo of Catherine Davies
Business profile photo of Gordon ColdwellBusiness profile photo of Rob SwanHeadshot photo of JoshHeadshot photo of JoshStaff business portrait of Gabi Godwin

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