Ross, a professional photographer in Somerset

Ross, professional photographer

Hi I am Ross, a professional photographer in Somerset living in the town of Bridgwater.

Whatever photography you require; portraits, weddings, commercial, band photography, events etc, I will be the one who captures it all for you.

I have always been a creative person and with that I am also a very visual person.  Composition is now just an extension of me rather than something I have to think about too much.  I once spent hours and days working on drawings; I then evolved into photography and have never looked back.  I can honestly say I have never shown such a deep interest and excitement in something like I do photography.  That’s probably a cliche to read something like that on a photographer’s website, but I think it is quite clear from the standard of my work that those words hold true.

I’m also an analytical person.  Something I was always led to believe was a negative trait, has actually proved to be of great benefit to my photography.  Although many people assume taking photos is just about pressing buttons and playing in Photoshop, being a photographer is actually highly technical and the amount of knowledge that can be learnt is vast, which is probably why I haven’t got bored of it.

I can see my own personal development over the years pictorially in my photographs, and I am confident in my ability to produce excellent results.  I have also equipped myself with quality professional photographic equipment which helps me deliver those results.  There is a great deal that has gone into my photography business besides actually taking photos and I think had I not been as passionate as I am about everything that surrounds photography, I would have given up long ago.  In fact probably 98% of the time I am actually not taking photos, but maybe doing things like working on this website.

When I do get to press the shutter button, what interests me most is working with different people in my photography, whether it be a staff portrait or wedding photography.  With portraits, I like the way a person can be seen a thousand different ways and the interaction between them and me as I take their photograph.  When it comes to weddings it is capturing emotions of the day from afar, those fleeting moments that are a challenge to capture, but so worth it when you do.

It’s been a fun journey so far and I look forward to working with you on new and exciting projects that will challenge me whilst giving you beautiful photographs for your wedding, or photos that deliver for your business or event.  Anyone can take a photo, but not everyone can capture a moment.  Moment Photography: “Each moment beautifully captured.”

Probably what helped me learn the most about photography was travelling through New Zealand by bicycle years ago.  A lot of trial and error and plenty of things to photograph helped a lot! Here are some photos of the adventures I have had there, some from the cycle tour and some from more recently.

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