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Kilve Beach greetings cards to come

At last some decent sunny weather!!

The perfect opportunity to get out there with the camera and capture some of Somerset’s beauty. Today it was Kilve and Lilstock. I supply cards to some local businesses and it was about time I updated the photos for the cards. So far I have about 50 card designs, but I am gradually weeding out those that aren’t as eye catching and getting newer, fresher and better photos.

I’m really pleased with how today turned out, I got some crackers. Below is just a small selection. Keep an eye out for them in the shops. When the new website is up and running you will easily be able to purchase them from there too.

I would love to get some sunset or sunrise photos of Kilve too, but the trouble is the cliffs are facing the wrong way as Kilve is on the north coast.  You can still get some nice photos at those times of day though.

If you take a little time you can find all sorts of wonders on Kilve beach.  Strange rock formations, lots of fossils.  I’ve seen many as big as my hand or bigger.  I suppose the cliff edge is constantly eroding so there will always be a fresh supply of fossils waiting to be found.  Just be very careful though as fossils are lovely, but not when they are falling on your head!

Aside from photos of Kilve, I have also taken photos on the Quantock Hills for cards or of farm-life and wildlife.  More recently I have become very interested in macro photography, but I’m not sure how well macro photos of wasps, beetles and flies would sell on greetings cards!

Kilve Beach greetings cards to come 1
Kilve Beach greetings cards to come 2
Kilve Beach greetings cards to come 3
Kilve Beach greetings cards to come 4
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