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Corporate portrait for Morrisons

A media company working in conjunction with Morrisons supermarket, wanted a corporate portrait of one of the managers at the Bridgwater based stored. I’ve done a number of corporate headshots before, but this was more of a corporate portrait, or maybe an environmental portrait, as it was a requirement to have the Morrisons store in the background too.

Only a handful of corporate portrait photos were needed, but I was aware that even though this was a small job, the manager I was working with would no doubt have a busy day and would want the portrait photos to be as quick as possible.

I arrived about 10 minutes early so I could walk around the car park of the Bridgwater Morrisons store and suss out what angles I wanted to use. I wanted to minimise cars in the background and maximise the presence of the logo.

With a business portrait like this and with having the luxury of so much space, I could drastically affect the size and perspective of the logo in the background in relation to the manager in the photo. I can give presence to the person or give that presence to the company he represents, as you can see in the photos. This meant the media company had a choice of how much weight they wanted to give to what. I also varied the amount of blur in the background. A little blur makes the manager stand out, but too much and you lose the presence of the logo. I didn’t want to logo to be perfectly sharp, because then it would mean all the cars would too, and a distraction.

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