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Photography for Millfield School

I have been providing photography for Millfield School since 2015

My first job doing photography for Millfield Senior School in Street was a Media Awards ceremony. I think Millfield had seen that I had already done a lot of school photography and also college photography, in both respects for marketing purposes.

Not long after my first photography job for Millfield School, I was back again. I now do a lot of photography in Street for Millfield School.

So far for Millfield School I have photographed junior and senior plays on stage at Millfield’s Meyer Theatre, dozens of classical music events in the Johnson Hall and at Wells Cathedral, and also sporting events like the Millfield School Sports Day.

With photographing so many activities and events at Millfield School, I have submitted to them over 40,000 images since 2015.

Photography for Millfield School 1

It’s an honour to see my photos on the cover of Millfield brochures, as well as seeing many of my photos inside too.

Photography for Millfield School 2

I try and mix up the images I give to Millfield Senior School by sending a few images that are a bit more out there. I don’t want to stand still, I want to continually be improving on the images I send to Millfield.

Photography for Millfield School 3

Some of my very most favourite jobs for Millfield School are the plays. The one above was the Christmas Carol play, and it had some ingenious usage of technology and lighting that, along with some great acting, made for a very engaging play. The Millfield School performances on stage are a visual feast for me, with spot lights, coloured lighting, and great props. It’s a challenge at times to keep up, but I am quite quick at adjusting to the lighting conditions and capturing images that are impactful.

Photography for Millfield School 4

I regularly take photos for Matthew Cook of the music department at Millfield School. There is some amazing musical talent at Millfield School and it has always been a pleasure to not only photograph the musical events, but to also hear them.

For example, a recent candlelight choral service at Wells Cathedral was host to some simply divine choral sounds in the impressive cathedral space, with simply incredible acoustics. It really was like hearing the voice of angels!

Photography for Millfield School 5

I have also photographed some dance and ballet at Millfield School. Much like the plays on stage, it is visually stunning. I recently photographed some classical ballet; again in the Meyer Theatre. Such graceful moves and shapes.

Photography for Millfield School 6
Photography for Millfield School 7
Photography for Millfield School 8

This was the choral service as mentioned above. I do most of my photography in Street, but now and again it’s Photography in Wells at the Cathedral.

By candlelight it is certainly a challenge, but the results where amazing and so atmospheric. The images truly reflected the feeling of the evening with the beautiful singing from the Millfield pupils. Fabulous acoustics at Wells Cathedral.

Photography for Millfield School 9

Matthew Cook sitting as one of the judges of the Millfield Senior School ‘House Song’ held in the School’s Tennis Centre. Hundreds of parents attended, along with all the Millfield pupils. It was a packed hall, and the atmosphere electric as the winners were announced at the end.

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