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Family photography in Taunton

Vivary Park, a great place for Family photography in Taunton

I just love to take family photos, and especially when it is a lovely day in a pretty location such as Vivary Park in Taunton.

Naomi contacted me because she wanted some family photos of her and her two young girls. I usually suggest a few places that I think will lend themselves well to family photos and we agreed that Vivary Park in Taunton would be a great place for her family photo shoot.

Taunton isn’t far for me and the park offers lots of lovely backgrounds and importantly, space. Lots of grassy areas, lots of flowers and lots of colour. The space means that we are less likely to have problems with people appearing in the background and the flowers and wildlife in the Taunton park mean there are lots of things to keep young minds amused.

Family photography in Taunton 1

I know with young children it is hard to hold their attention, so I wanted to make sure these two little angels were engaged and giving me great expressions even if they didn’t realise they were. It was quite simple, I just needed to ask mum to show them the flowers, show them how delicate they are, maybe she could ask them if they could see any bumble bees inside. Something for them to focus on so I could concentrate on getting lots of cute photos.

Family photography in Taunton 2

Family photos are all about showing the interaction between each other, that’s what makes for lovely photos as it shows personality and the love between each other. I thought mum making a daisy chain with her daughters would be the perfect activity. A lovely background whilst sat on the grass and something fun to do that costs nothing.

Family photography in Taunton 3
Family photography in Taunton 4
Family photography in Taunton 5

When doing family photography in Taunton in the park, I like to keep things moving. If I stay in one place too long the photos look samey and the children get bored. There are so many beautiful backgrounds and features in Vivary Park and at times all I needed to do was just ask mum to walk with her girls so I had another angle and background.

Family photography in Taunton 6

Again moving to a different place in the park, something colourful. Although maybe the fountain needs a new lick of paint.

Family photography in Taunton 7

Oops I think this little one grabbed this flower before mum was able to stop her. But I think we can forgive her just this once. The flower even matches her cardigan.

Family photography in Taunton 8

They say don’t work with children or animals, well I didn’t have any problems on this occasion. I really don’t need much to capture some lovely family photos, it’s just a matter of finding the opportunities, which are often right under your nose.

Family photography in Taunton 9
Family photography in Taunton 10

Who doesn’t like a piggy back, it is like a free fairground ride when you are this small.

Family photography in Taunton 11
Family photography in Taunton 12

Naomi had only booked me for an hour, but I could have easily taken photos for a couple more hours. So many opportunities in the Taunton park for family photos. After feeding the ducks in the park, we got a few more photos with the girls up closer to mum’s height and the wooden structures give a bit of depth. Hold on tight mum!

Family photography in Taunton 13

If you are looking for a photographer in Taunton to take some family photos, I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to give you some beautiful family photography just like I did for Naomi and her girls.

Contact me and we can discuss some places and dates that would work for you.

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