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New and modern recreational facilities

Photography of recreational facilities installed by A&S Landscape

I recently did some photography for A&S Landscape. They are a company that provides commercial canopies for public recreational areas and schools.

At first glance it can look like a 10 minute job, but my thoughts were to take as many photos in as many different ways as I could think of until I ran out of ideas. As it happened it took me a full hour to provide 70 images of the canopy in a variety of angles.

A&S Landscape said they wanted me to take the photos without any children in them. The weather was pretty bad at the time, so I waited till it brightened up and then headed over to the Ashcott playing fields where the canopy was set up, and hoped that there would not be lots of people there. As it happened, there were just a few dog walkers who were not in the way, so ideal.

One thing that A&S Landscape said to me was that if I could get some elevated shots on a pole that would be beneficial. I don’t own a long pole, but I’m already tall, I took along a ladder and also a tripod. This first photo was taken with me on the ladder, and holding the camera on the end of a tripod held above my head in the air. It took a few attempts, but it gave a slightly more elevated view. It may not look that high in the photo, but the canopies are very tall, maybe 3-4 metres.

This next shot I wanted to show some more of the underside and make the canopy more of the focus rather than getting too lost in the kids playground backdrop.

A couple of shots in the bag and then time to get another angle. There were two picnic tables close by, so I took the opportunity to stand on those as an easy means to gain height. Now that I think about it, I could have put my ladder and used my tripod on the table too to gain even more height, oh well.

This photo was actually taken from very far away. I had a variety of different camera lenses with me, and I knew that I could give a very different look to each photo depending on my choice of lens. I wanted to compress the background in this photo and give the canopy some dominance. I stood far away and zoomed right in. The other benefit of this photo is that the trees cover more of the sky.

I usually throw in some photos with some deliberate space added. A few shots that have blank space in them mean the client can add text in easily without it interfering with the subject matter.

Again a photo of the canopy from far away but simply from another angle.

In this photo I used the grass as some foreground interest. There was a small grassy mound that ran the length of the car park, so I used that to add some foreground interest and texture. Again, another place where text could be added.

Another upwards angle to show the underside and the construction of the canopy. A little bit of flash helped with that.

This shows the picnic tables situated nearby the canopy. A&S Landscape wanted a few shots showing the wider area for context.

I took a few shots within the children’s playground looking out too. You can see the canopy is on the edge of a public recreational ground and is a good shelter if you got caught out in a shower of rain.

This was taken standing on the top of one of the kid’s climbing frames.

The last shot; a better view of the underside of the canopy.

I actually submitted a total of 70 images to A&S Landscape and they were received very well.

“Thank you for completing our photography project so quickly. You delivered on the brief in a thorough and timely manner and got us the images we required straight away. A great job, thank you.”

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