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Landscape photography at Ham Wall RSPB

Landscape photography: out of my comfort zone

Landscape photography is not usually something I do, but not because I don’t like it. I am not hugely keen on getting up at 5:30am however, and there being the risk that the light might not be good and you come home with little. Today I went back again to Ham Wall RSPB Nature Reserve to do some more winter landscape photography. It turns out (by chance) I was returning three years to the very day since the last time. Have a look at my Ham Wall blog post of the previous visit.

As I am not very experienced with landscape photography, I don’t really know where the best spots are to be. I do know however, in whatever situation I am in, know how to get the very best of what is in front of me.

This shot below was less than 5 minutes from the car park. It’s a little elevated, so you haven’t got lots of reeds in the way. The sun was not up yet at this point, so there were lots of nice delicate pastel colours.

Ham Wall is lovely for landscape photography, but I can find that depending on what the light and cloud cover is doing, you can find yourself in a bad spot as the reeds can either help or hinder the photo. If there was no golden light, this wouldn’t have been a very good image.

I didn’t too quite so well today compared to the last time I visited Ham Wall. The light was very different to last time and although mist gives a very atmospheric look, there was a little too much today so there were only a few snippets where the sun was visible. I didn’t have the luxury of a clear view either, but I still quite like this shot with the reeds in the foreground.

By this point there was no sun at all, the mist had enveloped the low lying land I was standing on. On the drive back though at a greater height, I could see the blanket of mist hanging over the fields. I think I need to find a good vantage point for the next landscape photography opportunity…..maybe that will be tomorrow?

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