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New stock photography section added to my website

For a very long time the only photos on my website have been those taken for clients on photography jobs. I decided to add a stock photography section to my website where people can buy images I have taken of various places in Somerset, Dorset and Devon, and also shots on my travels overseas.

I shall be slowly adding to the stock photography section of my website so key an eye on it. You can buy the photos for personal use to put on your wall or maybe to make into a personal card for a friend, or you can use them for your business. There is an extra charge for business use.

The photos available are full resolution and of a high quality. All you need to do is pay and then download.

Navigating the new stock photography section of my website

With lots of new photos being added, it can be a slow process to wade through hundreds of photos to find the one you want. This is why the stock photography section of my website is broken down into sections. Currently at time of writing I have four sections:

  • Creatures
  • Flowers and Plants
  • Travel
  • UK

On the first page of the new section you will see the sections at the top, but below that are all the photos all together. So you can choose to look through all the photos at once, or look at a specific section. The sections are automatically filtered by embedded embedded keywords in the stock photos.

There is a caveat to this however. Currently I am having some difficulties with the sections properly filtering so some overseas travel photos are showing under the UK section. So if you want to be sure you see all the photos, view them all together rather than filtering by section.

Cheaper than a middle man stock photography website like Getty Images

As the images are taken by me and hosted on my own website, the images you buy are substantially cheaper than buying from a well known stock photography image library website. You get the same quality, but instead of paying hundreds for an image, you pay a fraction of the price. I have sold some images for several hundred US$, but here they are substantially cheaper!

Macro close up photo of a dragonfly that visited my garden
Sheep in a field in Dulverton, Exmoor on a snowy day

This image above has already sold for over US$200 on a stock photography website where this image is also hosted.

This image above has sold for over US$700 on a stock photography website where this image is also hosted.

Durdle Door beach in Dorset at sunset
Echinacea flowers
New Zealand ferns
Orange crocosmia flowers
Three little piggies
Pilsdon Pen, Dorset at sunrise
Ramscombe in winter on the Quantock Hills in Over Stowey Somerset
New Zealand wild Lupins
Pretty wild flowers in wales

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