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Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis

Recently a couple were looking for a Lyme Regis family photographer as it was their parents’ wedding anniversary and they wanted the photos to be a gift to them.

Despite being based in Bridgwater, I’ve been a family photographer in Lyme Regis for a few families holidaying there. It’s a popular spot where families can enjoy the lovely beach and have fun with their kids whilst on holiday.

I was initially contacted via email, so I replied explaining how I work when doing family photography. I sent through a few photos from previous shoots at Lyme regis and Richard who had contacted me liked what he saw, so we went about making the arrangements

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 1

Everyone was staying in a nice house at the top of the hill in Lyme Regis with beautiful views of the hillside. They had hired it for a week. Of course we are in the middle of the covid pandemic right now, so I offered to bring hand sanitiser and wear a mask should it be required. To make things easier most of the photos were taken outside.

I did want to get a handful of photos of the interior though and also some showing the view out of the balcony. It wasn’t until I was there however that I found out they were only renting the house. As for the balcony, the doors were locked, as the balcony wasn’t safe to use. Given that the family didn’t own the house, photos inside were of no importance sentimentally, so we took most of the photos outside. It was more fun for the kids that way anyway.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 2

I think this group photo of everyone was actually the very first photo I took and I was fortunate that everyone was attentive and smiling. Of course I had some time beforehand explaining where I thought would be a good place to take the photo and how I wanted to position everyone so they could be seen clearly.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 3
Another one soon to join the family

When families live spread out all over the country, it is of course natural that they will want to have some nice little family group photos. I had previously explained how long these might take and managed expectations as to what was possible with the time at hand. I think this probably helped everyone to be cooperative on the day so I could rattle off the group photos and still have time for some nice candid photos too.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 4

Often when taking little group photos when there are young children included, there is a cheeky monkey who likes to pull a face when mum and dad are not looking. This time was no exception. Usually the parents try and stop their kids pulling a face, but I like them to be silly, as I can get a comical photo and then just take another one that shows off the smiles afterwards. On this occasion mum and the little boy’s sister joined in for a few too!

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 5
Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 6

Now the little monkey has had his fun he is quite happy to smile nicely for a photo. Much better than telling him off and then having to deal with tears.

This little boy did actually go particularly shy before these photos and kept turning away from the camera. It wasn’t looking good, but I tried a bit of a psychology trick on him and said that I would show him the photos if he posed for me, but I wouldn’t show them to anyone else, only him. That totally did the trick and he was good as gold after that.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 7

I’m always trying to mix things up a little as best I can when doing family photography. But I do need to consider young ones who have a short attention span, adults who don’t like being in front of a camera, and those who are more advanced in years and may not be quite as able.

I was fortunate that this family were all quite friendly, relaxed, able and focused during the photo shoot. I got the more ordered family group photos done, then I got some slightly more relaxed ones, and used what props there were to hand. Having something for the kids to engage with makes everything go so much more smoothly. Kids get bored really easily when having their photo taken, so it is best they can do their own thing whilst I capture that and then grab their attention now and again.

I’m sure nan and granddad loved the photos of them with the grandkids. They don’t stay small for long so these will be treasured photos.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 8

Again looking for opportunities for candid, relaxed photos as well as group photos, I hung around some of the adults who were by now relaxing having a drink and chatting. I don’t have to walk around like a ninja hoping people won’t see me so I can get sneaky candid photos, I just need to ask them to ignore me whilst I take the photos. Usually just the fact that I have asked them to do that is novelty enough that they smile about it, thus giving me some great photo opportunities.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 9

Just a bread stick can become an object of fun. Perhaps this little girl was impersonating Winston Churchill with a cigar, I don’t know, but it made for a good grab shot and with a smile from one of the adults.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 10

This was quite a cute opportunity to get some nice photos of the youngest little girl

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 11

And another nice little family group photo. Tiny children can be very wriggly, but I think I caught this little girl just before she got bored of being in front of a camera.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 12

Nothing like a game and some father son interaction to bring out some smiles.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 13

High brow reading for the grandparents? 😉

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 14

I’ve actually recently been booked for some more family photography at Lyme Regis. Different location, but that is what I love, a bit of variety. Hopefully soon I can do another family shoot on the Cobb or on Lyme Regis beach. I loved my first shoot I did with the colourful beach huts behind.

Are you planning a family holiday and would like some family photography at Lyme regis? I’d really love to work with you and provide for you some fun and colourful images you’ll treasure, just like this family shoot. Contact me.

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More family photography at Lyme Regis

Almost exactly a month after the July family photos in Lyme Regis above, I am back again!

Nicola contacted me for some family photos as she said Lyme Regis is one of her favourite places. Her and some of her family were on holiday there and she organised with me to spend an hour taking photos during one Saturday afternoon whilst they were at The Alexandra Hotel that overlooks The Cobb and the beach at Lyme Regis.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 15

We started off with some fairly standard group photos, then I thought it would be fun to get the little boy to have some fun posing in different positions, which I would later stitch together. I pricked his interest by telling him that I was going to magically give him some brothers and I was going to make them inside my camera. With a little help from Mum and Dad, we got him to do some different poses and then I did the rest when editing the photos back at the office.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 16

I had a request from this couple for a photo of the two of them. I found a nice spot where I could get The Cobb at Lyme regis in the background.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 17

The first 30 minutes of the booking had been set aside for the more standard group photos, and the other half were to be more informal as everyone enjoyed tea and cakes together. Throughout the shoot I tried to keep things moving and keep changing the backgrounds. That keeps people’s interest and it gives variety. By tea time I think this little guy was ready for cake, but he had been given a little toy in the meantime to help promote some engagement during the photos. He had a cheeky character and he really added to some of the photos.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 18
Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 19

We were lucky that despite some heavy rain only a day or two before, on that Saturday it was a glorious sunny day at Lyme Regis. The Alexandra Hotel have some lovely shaded outdoor seating and we were all around a big table. Being outside made things easier too in terms of being safe due to the present Covid-19 situation.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 20

Well I’ve never seen bubbly served before tea and cake, but hey why not?! I thought it would be a good opportunity to get everyone together quickly for a group photo with the flutes held up. A happy sunny day to remember.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 21
Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 22

Tea is served, just waiting for the delicious cakes next.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 23

And here are the cakes. The little boy was quick as a flash to choose the one he wanted and I am not sure he wanted to share it haha.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 24

Maybe if I eat it quickly I can have it all 😛 Little monkey.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 25

With a cute little face like that you can get away with all sorts of mischief.

Relaxed family photography at Lyme Regis 26

A really great afternoon, some nice family group photos and plenty of relaxed and informal shots too.

Here’s what Nicola said:

A fantastic way to spend time with the family and capture the moment. Lyme Regis is our favourite place and we looked for the right person to capture our family pictures while on holiday. I came across some of Ross’ previous shoots in Lyme Regis and gave him a call. Arranging the session was so quick and easy and the communication excellent. I loved the work shown on Moment Photography’s website. Ross was reassuring and professional. He knew exactly what we could achieve in an hour. He read our family well and made us feel at ease. Our favourite pictures are just capturing conversation around the table and of our son fooling around! We love them. We would highly recommend moment photography to capture your family. Outstanding.

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