A short history of how Ross started Moment Photography

Childhood memories

My first memory of photography is a free pocket camera with a fold out viewfinder from Coca Cola, not much bigger than a matchbox. I think I got it from collecting fizzy drink ring pulls. I was very excited to get it in the post. Even though the photos were awful, I still loved it; it was a first step into a new world.


College years

My first "proper camera" was a Pentax P30 which I bought with a flash for £250 when I was a new college student. That was an enormous amount of money for me back then, but I knew that I finally had a real camera that would allow me to take good quality photos.


Learning from my mistakes

Over the next few years I suffered all the pitfalls of trying and failing to take good photos. When taking people's photos, plenty of those people would tell me to hurry up as I scratched my head and frantically fiddled with all the dials and buttons.


Adventures in New Zealand

PEOPLE may have complained about having their photo taken, but beautiful landscapes don’t! After completing a degree in Kent, I set off for New Zealand (here are some photos), and I of course had my camera with me; now a well used Pentax MZ5. Having so many dramatic sights around me, I couldn’t stop taking photos. That was where I really learned to take photos properly. I had plenty of time and plenty to photograph…..and I made plenty of mistakes.


My first steps as a professional photographer

During my time of personal discovery abroad, people started to take notice of the photos I was taking, and whereas once upon a time people weren’t so keen on having their photo taken, now they wanted me to photograph their wedding. After that it was a slow snowball rolling down a hill, as the friends of one wedding I had photographed would then want me to also photograph their wedding.


Now an established photographer

I have now photographed over 125 weddings in Somerset and the surrounding counties.


Aside from wedding photography which was once stressful, but now comes naturally, I also do a lot of educational photography for Millfield School, Preston School and Bridgwater & Taunton College. For a number of years I worked in marketing in an educational setting so I have seen the sorts of photos that are required.


Skill has finally matched passion

Almost all of my photography involves people, and I like that, even when it is business headshots; faces are just fascinating. And you know the best thing; after all these years of learning, I know that I have the tools and ability to consistently get great photos and that gives me great joy. A beautiful photo is right at my fingertips!


ross@momentphotography.co.uk 01278 451 089 / 07891 422 573