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Good business headshot photography says a lot about your company. A professional headshot sets you apart from your competition. It shows you as a working professional committed to offering the best service to your customers.


How you choose to portray yourself in your business portrait is up to you. I can give a corporate headshot style feel, or give a lighter more approachable style if you are a smaller company that works more face to face with your clients. Or you may want an environmental portrait showing you in your working environment.


There are many ways to approach headshot photography and many ways you will want to use the images. Maybe on your website, in a brochure, or you are building a business network via LinkedIn. You’ll be wanting to stand out and give the best possible impression to clients and business partners.


Headshot photography feedback from a local company

“Your relaxed and friendly manner made the photos much better than I was expecting. None of us like having our photos taken, but you made the experience as enjoyable as it could be. Thank you.” (Governance Publishing)


Actor headshots

Making your way in the world of theatre and need some actor headshots to impress agencies and get a foot in the door? There is no substitute for a professional actor headshot photo. I will work with you to get the right angle, best light, bring across the persona you want to sell, and give you a variety of options that will all be great. You will find it hard to choose your favourite photos.

Headshot photography pricing

"What headshot style is right for me?" - Natural or Studio


LinkedIn headshots or relaxed business profile photos

If you need a simple headshot photo for your LinkedIn profile image, you are probably best to go for my 'Natural' option (see below). Because I am only photographing you and not a team of people where all the images need to look the same, I won't need to set up a controlled lighting environment, which adds cost and time. I simply take photos of you in your work setting or outside a building, or in a landscape setting (depending on your line of work). I give you up to an hour for £100, and a selection of images.


Individual headshot photos of multiple staff

If you are a company that needs photos of every member of your staff, you can still go for the 'natural' option. However, if you employ new staff and need more photos; new photos taken under natural lighting at a later date are likely not to look exactly the same. The time of day and the weather will affect the lighting each time, and therefor affect the consistency of the images. If you need very consistent images (eg same proportions, angle and shadows), studio lighting is better. Even then I cannot guarantee the images will look exactly the same, the studio option is most times more consistent than natural lighting.


Staff portraits and team photos - cut out and composite photos

Cut outs - Some companies may want to have photos of their staff taken in a way that allows them to be more creative with their photos. Maybe you want to lay a photo of a team member over the top of graphics on your website and you don't want there to be a visible rectangle around the person.


Composites - Perhaps you want a team photo and it is not possible to have all the people there at the same time. Or maybe your team of staff changes a lot because of staff turnover and you don't want a new team photo every single time. That is where a composited image can be helpful. I can arrange the staff as you wish, and when someone leaves and a new person replaces them, I can update the photo for you (Photoshop editing charged at £50 per hour).

If the two scenarios above describe your needs, then you need the 'enhanced studio lighting' option.


Natural lighting

£100 per hour*

*Minimum £100 total

A selection of images will be provided. Additional touch up requests are charged at £50 per hour.

Headshots taken under natural light require little to no set up time, I simply need a good location for the photographs to be taken against.

Standard studio lighting

£30 per chosen photo*

*Minimum £150 total

The original background remains in the photo. The photo will be edited to look its best for tone and colour. Additional touch up requests are charged at £50 per hour.

*if the total is below £150, a lighting setup fee is included to bring the total to a minimum of £150.

Enhanced studio lighting

£40 per chosen photo*

*Minimum £150 total

The original background is removed. The new background will either be pure white, a colour of your choice; or transparent so you can place the person on any background you wish.


Normal tone and colour editing will be applied as with the standard option. Additional touch up requests are charged at £50 per hour.

*if the total is below £150, a lighting setup fee is included to bring the total to a minimum of £150.

headshot of young lady under a tree
headshot of young actress
headshot of business man in a suit

Headshot Photography FAQs


How can I book my headshot photography?

Drop me an email with your preferred date, your location, how many staff, and whether you prefer a natural background or a uniform white or coloured background with studio lighting.


Do you come to us or do we come to you for the headshot photos?

Generally it is easier if I come to you, and there is no charge for this if within a 30 mile radius (a reasonable fee is added when I travel a little further).


How long will the headshot photography take?

Some companies need a pure white, or very controlled uniform colour background, which by its nature requires studio lighting. If this is the case, it takes me about an hour to set up lights and then each staff photo a minute or two. Other staff photos may be taken in an environmental setting such as in front of the building, in front of a sign or reception etc. This is likely to be with natural lighting, so it is just a case of 10 minutes to find a suitable spot, and then each staff headshot will take a minute or less.


We need the headshot photos to have a transparent or pure white background, can you do that?

Yes. In this instance I would need to control the lighting and background for this, and so would set up studio lighting. This takes about an hour before I start taking the photos and I need a clear space of around 4m squared.


What should we wear?

Even though you may already have a dress code in your workplace, it's a good idea to remind staff of this for the day of the shoot. If there isn't a set uniform, maybe ask staff not to wear something that might stand out drastically from everyone else.


Also not be wearing any branded clothing with an old logo, if a jacket is to be worn, everyone should have theirs that day, to make sure ties are straight, jewellery abides by your company rules, and hair is tied back if this is a matter of safety or corporate image in the workplace.


How much does it cost?

Photos taken under natural lighting are charged by the hour with a selection of photos supplied to you. Headshot photography that requires studio lighting under more controlled conditions is priced per photo.


How long does it take to get us the photos?

I aim for within 24-48 hours.

Headshop photography for Adaptavist

Adaptavist, a software technology company with offices across the world, contacted me from their London office asking me about headshot photography for their business. There were 80 staff to photograph (some can be seen here) and all needed their headshot taken on a specific date. Naturally it is difficult to get everyone together on the same day what with busy business schedules, so it was important that I was able to get all the headshot photography done in one go.


London isn’t exactly down the road for me, but a rate was agreed and plans were made. This involved a 4:30am wake up for me and as it turned out, due to terrible London traffic (mostly 1st and 2nd gear!), a 6 hour journey to Adaptavist’s new London office in Islington.


Setup for the headshot photography took about an hour and then each person’s name was written on a list, and ticked off as we went. The amount of time business headshot photography takes is dependent on if the client has very specific requirements and the availability of the staff at the time of the shoot. In this instance all the staff were onsite all day and I was able to take the headshots quickly.


It took around a minute for each headshot with minimal adjustment to lighting in between photos (due to differences in height). I gave Adaptavist a choice of two background tones, but essentially pretty much any background colour could be chosen as long as notice is given before the photo shoot.


If you require business headshot photography for your company, I’d be happy to help. Lighting can be adjusted to suit your requirements and I can capture a relaxed fresh look or a more corporate feel depending on your requirements.

Headshot photography for Rock House Dental Practice

Hannah one of the owners of Rock House Dental Practice in Wells, contacted me about her need for headshot photography. She was in the process of launching a new website and needed photography of her dental staff as well as the facilities of the dental practice.


Hannah and I negotiated a day that would best suit our timetables. The surgery would be running as normal that day so I needed to fit the staff photos and building photography around her patients.


I was first shown around the different rooms of the surgery. I had already asked Hannah to inform her patients that they may appear in photos and if they did not wish to participate they should let her know.


After taking some photos around the dental practice, including some shots of the waiting room with patients in situ, it was time to complete the headshot photography of the staff.


Due to the small size of the rooms at the dental practice and staff dealing with patients as normal, we picked a time of the day where the most employees were available at once for their staff photo, and then by the time I had photographed them, more were available so I was able to successfully photograph all of them.


For flexibility and space reasons, the staff photos were taken in front of the dental practice as well as a group photo of all staff. I had already taken photos of the exterior of the practice when I first arrived.


The whole shoot went really well and you can see many of my photos on the Rock House Dental Practice website.


'Ross came to our dental practice and spent a few hours taking head shots and official photographs. Ross was good at putting us all at ease, and listening to what our requirements were. Very happy with the photographs and we would recommend him.'


ross@momentphotography.co.uk 01278 451 089 / 07891 422 573