Product Photography services in Somerset

Need a product photographer for products you're selling on Amazon, eBay or your website?

I provide crisp and clean product photography for your business. Detailed photos of products that help you sell more.

kitchen cutting board products with pyrography

"How can I be sure I get images of my products that work for me?"

After consulting with you on your photography needs, I'll photograph your products at different angles.


Before the editing process begins, I will show you the photos I have taken, so you can choose the photo that best suit your needs for each product.


It will be those images that I will edit according to the level of editing required as outlined in my prices below.

drainage product photography

"Do I need to provide a product in every colour?"

If you sell products that come in various colours, there is not always a need to supply me with the product in every colour for individual photos. Often I can photograph one of your products and then in Photoshop change the colour to match a colour swatch you supply me with.


"Do I send you the products or do you come to me?"

If your products are small, most likely I can photograph them in my home studio. If they are bulky or heavy, it may be better if I come to you. If I come to you to take the photos, I will need about 4 square metres of clear space for a few hours (preferably not far from my car) and a power outlet.

"Can you provide me with cutout product photos?"

If you are an Amazon or eBay seller you probably just need your product to be cut out and on a clean pure white background. That way the edges of the photo won't show and the product photo will blend perfectly into the website's white background.


It's best to tell me beforehand if you need the background removed, as I can then set up everything so as to be more efficient, and send you the photos more quickly.


As well as having the background cut out, you can go one step further and make it transparent. This means the product can be overlaid on top of a background or the products can overlap each other.


decking products with background removed
drainage products with background included

For best results

To get the most out of my product photography services I recommend you don't break up similar products into multiple shoots. Your products will visually look much more consistent if you can give me all your products in one go, or at least categories of products in one go. Sending me your products in one go will speed up turnaround, give you better results and likely also reduce cost to you.


Price per product photo

I price my product photography on a per photo basis, as if I charged by the hour, the length of time a product shoot may take would be unpredictable, and therefor you would not be able to properly budget for the shoot. With most shoots there is a considerable amount of setup time and careful attention to detail so the products are lit properly and the composition shows off your products as well as possible. My aim is to give you clean, bold and crisp images as a final result.


Product photography options


Product Photography

£10 per product photo

Minimum £250 total*

The original background remains in the photo. The photo has been edited to look its best for tone and colour, and in general cleaned up.

*if the total is below £250, a lighting setup fee is included to bring the total to a minimum of £250.


If the shoot is not completed in one day, an additional setup fee will be applied to the next day.


Product Photography

£15 per product photo

Minimum £250 total*

The background to the image has either been made pure white, a colour of your choice, or is transparent, so you can place the product on any background you wish. Normal tone, colour and general editing has also been applied as with the standard option.

*if the total is below £250, a lighting setup fee is included to bring the total to a minimum of £250.

If the shoot is not completed in one day, an additional setup fee will be applied to the next day.

Image Compositing

using Photoshop

£60 per hour

Would you like your product placed into a scene to give it more realism and make it more appealing to your Amazon and eBay customers? Please contact me about your product that you would like to have composited into a scene and we can discuss possibilities and approximate costs/limitations involved.

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