Product Photography services

Providing crisp and clean product photography for your business. Detailed photos of products that help you sell more. Products obviously vary a great deal, so this will affect how much work is involved in the product photography and the editing afterwards. However I have added some prices below which will apply to almost all cases. Any work undertaken by me will first involve a consultation with you with regard to the product photography you need. I will then confirm the final price for photographs of your products.


I will photograph your products from a variety of angles. Before the editing process begins, I will show you photos of your products at differing angles, so you can choose the photo that best suits your needs for each product. It will be those images that I will edit according to the level of editing required as outlined below.


Standard product photography - £6 per product photo

The original background remains in the photo. The photo has been edited to look its best for tone and colour, and in general cleaned up.


Enhanced product photography - £10 per product photo

The background to the image has either been made pure white, a colour of your choice, or is transparent, so you can place the product on any background you wish. Normal tone, colour and general editing has also been applied as with the standard option.



Product photography charges are calculated per product photo starting at £6 per photo. However if the total is below £250, a £150 lighting setup fee is added.

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