School football photography at Bridgwater College Academy

Football tournaments at Bridgwater College Academy

I was asked to do some school football photography at Bridgwater College Academy on behalf of Bridgwater & Taunton College‘s sports department.  There were to be a series of under 11 tournaments being held at Bridgwater College Academy (funnily enough, my old school, prior to renaming).

Bridgwater College Academy have recently had a few astro turf pitch laid so great conditions for the kids, it certainly had some spring to it.

Bridgwater & Taunton college wanted photos of their students, as well as photos of the kids playing.  There were four games playing simultaneously, but I tried to include as many different colours as possible and cover as many different angles.  Below are some of the shots I got, but I took hundreds so there was lots of variety to choose from.


The warmest of the days, but still a bit chilly


The first week of the tournaments was absolutely freezing as you see here! You could hear the wind howling through the fence


Plenty of team talks


It’s a win!


Paper, scissors, stone


Keeping their eyes on the ball


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