Sports Photography for athletics, motorbikes, football and other sporting events

How to get great sports photography

Sports photography requires a keen eye, planning, timing, and a thorough understanding of your camera. With a diverse range of photography experience I am the sports photographer to call on for your sports photography needs.


Sports photography based on experience

I have learnt to work in difficult photographic situations. When you don’t have much time to capture something important, it focuses the mind and makes you concentrate on the best location and the best method to get the shot.


What are your sporting photography needs?

As you can see below in my gallery I have worked with many different sporting subjects. Many times I have worked with schools and colleges shooting athletics photos, gym coaches or personal trainers. Some have been set up as part of their marketing campaign, others have been as they happen such as a school sports day. I'm just as comfortable photographing motorbikes racing around a muddy track and getting some great sports action photos as they fly through the air on a jump.


Maybe you need football photography or rugby photography at some upcoming matches, or some team photos for the press - yep I've got you covered for that too!


Sports photography held to a high standard

I want to always capture sports photos that pass my own personal standards regardless of the conditions. My criteria is to always create striking, colourful, sharp and high quality sporting images, and to get the most out of the photographic equipment I am using. I have to hold myself to a high standard, not just for my own personal pride in my work, but also so that you are thrilled with the results.


Whether it be football, rugby, motorsport or other sporting events like athletics, I’ll keep up with the action and serve you striking sports photography.

Sports photography for schools, colleges and public events

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