Modelling photography and glamour photography

Model shoots for your portfolio

Wanting a new model portfolio to help get you into the modelling world, or maybe you just want a model style shoot to make you feel special, boost your confidence and see yourself at your very best?


Professional modelling

Get a professional model portfolio to kick-start your career. Modelling agencies will need to see what you are capable of and that means you need a fantastic portfolio of images of yourself with different outfits and different looks. When planning your model photoshoot, consider what sort of looks you need and then discuss your ideas with me. After going through some modelling ideas together I'll produce a beautiful portfolio of images for you.


Modelling agencies will also need to see a few very plain images of you, a blank canvas as it were, so they can see more clearly if you will be a suitable model to have on their books.


I can capture photos of you in a studio or on location. I have worked with various models and ballet dancers, wearing fashion clothing, swimwear and lingerie.


I expect you to be relaxed in front of the camera and have some idea how to position yourself, but I will also give direction and tweak things to get the most striking and flattering photos. There is absolutely no need to feel anxious or worried about the shoot, I will reassure you and encourage you when I see poses that are working. There will be plenty of communication between us in order to get the photos looking just right.

photography of blonde model

Beauty photoshoots to feel special

Maybe you don't intend to be a professional model, but you simply want to feel special. Having professional model style photos can be a real confidence boost, as well as a lot of fun.


You choose your outfits and I'll tell you what I think will work and how what you wear will affect how easy it is to feel comfortable in front of the camera, as well as what potential photo ideas can be used. For example, clothing that you can hold onto and interact with will give your hands something to do. Accessories such as hats and sunglasses also give your hands something to do and therefor allow for more natural poses.


Pricing is the same as for professional model shoots.

Model photography - what I do do:

Create great photos that are beautifully composed and flatter you.


Model photography - what I don't do:

I don't offer hair styling and makeup, but bring along your favourite outfits for the model shoot and I can do a lot with simply that. Of course you are going to make yourself look your best before the model shoot, but I will enhance that even more.


Location modelling shoot vs Studio modelling shoot

Location modelling shoot: These are obviously subject to the weather, but being outside does give more opportunities for backgrounds. Location shoots take less time and give greater flexibility, but offer a very different look to a studio shoot.


Studio modelling shoot: These are in a much more controlled environment. Lighting is consistent between photos and greater lighting creativity is allowed. Studio photos are likely to have more pop to them and you may feel more comfortable too in a private environment as you are posing for the camera (as well as having somewhere to change outfits).


Studio shoots require significantly more setup time and a space to be hired, which is why the price is higher. The results however can be absolutely fantastic!


Location shoot - £150

A good selection of high quality edited digital images will be given to you after the shoot. Usually after a few days.


(£100 to be paid up front to book your session)

Studio style shoot - £150

Your home

If you have the space, I can take the photos in the comfort of your home. I require a clear space of 3x4 metres for most photos.


A good selection of high quality edited digital images will be given to you after the shoot. Usually after a few days.


(£100 to be paid up front to book your session)

Studio style shoot - £300

A hired hall

Studio shoots not taken in your home will require me to book a hall. Usually a more sophisticated setup, which means the price is higher.


A good selection of high quality edited digital images will be given to you after the shoot. Usually after a few days.


(£100 to be paid up front to book your session)

New models

Please send some photos of yourself and some example images you think would work best for your model portfolio shoot.

Models with experience

If you already have some modelling experience, I may be open to a model collaboration shoot where simply your time is exchanged for the images. It is essential you send example photos in order for consideration of a collaboration opportunity.

Attractive brunette beach model with straw hat

• flattering photos

• standard retouching included

• friendly and relaxed photo shoot

• sharp, colourful and vibrant images

• helpful direction to get the best shots

• quick turnaround of images


"Wow! My daughter had such a fantastic morning being photographed by Ross and the results far exceeded our expectations! He was encouraging, so positive and knowledgeable about how to get the best shots of her. Her confidence grew hugely during the session and she loved every minute of it. We were hoping for one good shot, we got so many fantastic ones to choose from. I can't recommend him enough!!"



“I think that any model that gets the change to work with Ross should take it! He is full of great ideas and the results of the pictures are just stunning. Thanks again Ross I had a great day!”



“I had a fantastic shoot with Ross today! He made me feel very comfortable and gave me some great direction with posing. Which really shows on the photos! I Couldn’t ask for a better photographer. Thank you very much, hope to shoot with you again in the near future… Loz”

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