New Zealand

A source of inspiration

Life changing adventures in New Zealand

New Zealand was the place that first allowed me to have a new adventure each day and provided more than enough opportunity to take photographs of beautiful locations. Everything from mountains, to golden beaches, crystal clear waters, vivid turquoise glacial water, rainforests and caves.


It was the place where I learnt from many mistakes with my camera, and met many lovely people along the way that have gifted me great and lasting memories.


Initially I was daunted by the prospect of exploring a country I didn’t know. The plan was to cycle around New Zealand, except I didn’t have a bike when I arrived! I had also never camped before. With a supportive and encouraging brother already living there, I stepped into the unknown, bought everything I needed and began my adventures.


I met other cyclists from around the world, and locals who, intrigued by my journey, would offer me in for dinner or even to stay for a few days. Wonderful times!

"Life moves pretty fast

If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it"

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