Beginner photography lessons in Somerset

Beginner Photography lessons introduction

Bought a new digital camera and you feel a bit overwhelmed? You are part of a camera club and feel you are getting left behind? I provide photography lessons in Somerset for beginners like you, and for people who want to win a few competitions at their local camera club (shhh I won't tell anyone you have been getting some secret lessons).

  • Understand your camera
  • Avoid missed opportunities
  • Create photographic opportunities
  • Avoid blurred and badly exposed photos
  • Stop taking bland and boring photos

Somerset where I am based, provides lots of opportunities for you to try out what I teach in my photography lessons. But you equally don't have to live somewhere as pretty as Somerset just to learn how to take nice photos.

Beginner photography lessons in Somerset - family photography

The above photo was taken in Vivary Park in Taunton, Somerset. A few flowers, some good framing and timing can be all you need for a great photo.


Beginner photography lessons in bite-sized chunks


A review from a photography hobbyist:

"I had a 2 hour photography lesson with Ross and it was the best thing I ever did. I learnt more in 2 hours than I did the past 6 months with online tutorials and YouTube channels. I had already done a diploma in photography but did not have the confidence to use manual mode regularly and struggled with portrait photography knowing where to take photos from or how to place person/s in the photo. I am now far more confident with using my camera in full manual mode and have produced some amazing results from my lesson. I cannot recommend Ross enough with how much he helped my needs and the knowledge he shared with me. I am already planning to book more lessons to progress my photography and would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their skills."


Darren Winn

Beginner photography lessons in Somerset - action photography

I can guide you through your camera one on one or in a small group of 2-3 people. I prefer to keep numbers low so you can each pick up as many photography tips as possible. As each person may have a different camera, I want to make sure each person gets maximum individual benefit.


During your beginner photography lesson, you will need:

• Your camera

• Charged camera battery

• A memory card in your camera

• A notepad to write down the most useful photography tips to you

• A laptop computer - if you would like to download images


If you connect your camera to a computer, I recommend you bring the box your camera came in or at least the cables that came with your camera.

kids photography in somerset

Cost per hour

£50 per person: 2-3 hours are recommended to build a strong foundation.


What to expect during your photography lesson

I will start helping you familiarise yourself with the controls of your camera, then we will look at the basic building blocks of how photography works. Next we will take some simple test shots to illustrate the different results you can get with different settings.


Usually it takes at least an hour to go over the basics and help you understand how to take basic control of your camera. You will need 2-3 hours to use this knowledge to best effect and not only help you understand your camera, but also to make a real difference to the photos you take.


4 hours will dramatically help you use your camera and really think about how to take photos rather than let your camera do all the work and hope for the best (It is recommended you take notes).

Beginner photography lessons in Somerset - sports photography

Please note:

My beginner photography lessons will guide you in photography and how your camera works. However, as every camera has a different menu system I cannot know every camera’s menu system inside out. I will however be able to help you find the controls that matter most and get you off to a good start.


Many of the menu functions will not be very important in these early stages. It is recommended you bring along your instruction manual as a backup, although it is likely it won’t be needed most of the time.

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