Photography value

I’ve seen many photographer's websites where they have a page called ‘investment.’ I must admit it does make me wince a little. Maybe because when I have seen that word so many times, it has been on the websites of very new ‘photographers’ and beside rather ropey photography.


So maybe, just to make me feel better, I am going to call it ‘photography value.’ Because that is what everyone wants, to feel like they are getting good value.


Ok so how do we establish if something is good value? Is it by quantity? Is it by cheapness? Or is it by the person involved?


Great photography can evoke emotion, it can freeze an important moment, it helps visualise what words cannot, and in business it can elevate your brand.


In the wrong hands a camera will not generate anything useful, but in the right hands it will produce something amazing that wins hearts and brings in new business. That is priceless.


Photography value is when someone who, although continuing to evolve, has already overcome the early stumbling blocks of creating great imagery. The photographer is not hindered anymore by the basics that get in the way of creativity, their camera has become a part of them. When my camera no longer got in my way, I was free to go back to focussing on what was in front of me and seeing in my mind’s eye how I wanted to compose and shape an image.


So when I have to decide what to charge for the photography I produce, I don’t just think of how much my cameras and computer cost, or how long I take to capture the photos. I think of all that I have learnt, of the mistakes I have overcome, of the improvements I have made. The numerous scenarios that have presented me with new problems and new experiences, that have each made me a better photographer that day than the day before. And not forgetting the literally thousands of hours I have spent researching, testing and adapting in my own time.


When you hire me, the price I charge is based on my knowledge and experience. When I press that shutter button, the photo that emerges will be worth it. It will record a special moment of your children or your wedding, it will enliven what would otherwise be a drab website design, or it will breath life into magazine spreads, brochures and banners for your business.


By hiring me, you are getting someone who is culminating all their experience in the moment and making each photo count. That is where great photography value lies.


Although not listed on this page, I have put prices on various pages of my site for my different services. By the time you contact me, I want you to already have as much useful information as possible, and that includes cost.

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