Family portrait photography in Somerset

Looking for great portrait photography in Somerset?

I have a lot of experience photographing families in numerous locations and settings. Below are a few family portrait photography shoots such as family reunions, birthday milestones and anniversaries.


How to get the best family photographs

Being based in Somerset means easy access to lovely places like the Quantocks which is an excellent location for family portraits. Family photos can be captured in a studio setting if you wish, but for larger groups, an outdoor location makes it is easier to switch backgrounds quickly.


Use the great outdoors as your family photos backdrop

An outdoor location for family photos allows more for you to interact with. Locations for a photo shoot could be your favourite walk, where you grew up, or perhaps you are a proud gardener and want that to feature in the photos. You may like to be engaged in an activity like a picnic or horse riding rather than a very straight portrait, just let me know what you envisage and we can work from there.


Obviously location shoots are weather dependent, but I am flexible with the date of the shoot if the weather is uncooperative. Outside provides infinite background choices giving you a greater variety of photos, and I can work quicker, more creatively, and with much larger groups. You will also find yourself more relaxed on a location shoot as you will be in a more natural environment.


Whether your family photographs are taken in a studio or outside, my aim is to give you timeless images that are flattering to you.


Individual portraits

A nice addition to your family group photos could be individual portraits. This is an opportunity for a photo of a member of the family that says something about them as a person. What are their hobbies and interests? How could what they are interested in be incorporated into their photo so that the photo tells a story about them?


Some ideas to show each person's personality

- Nan wearing her gardening gloves, an old jacket, and holding a trowel whilst leaning against the door of the potting shed

- Grandad in his little workshop with jars of nails, screws and his workbench

- The granddaughter holding a tea party with her dolls

- The grandson surrounded by his lego creations

- Mum wearing her apron, with her paint brushes and one of her paintings

- Dad with his camera or musical instrument


If you like the idea of individual portraits like those described above, make sure you have the relevant clothing and props to hand and ready. I can then use those to get some really great portrait photos of individuals in your family on the day of the photo shoot.


Baby photography

Not really something I tend to do, but I can highly recommend Sharon Lewis Photography for that: 07957 567 926

Taunton family photos

Beautiful family photos to remember

Natural family photos that capture your personality


"We don't want lots of posed photos."

I know people don't want posed photos......but they also do! Posed family photos are more of a necessity than a desire. When you have a big family and you want everyone to be in the photo, it's inevitable that it is going to be a "posed photo." If it isn't an organised photo, kids look the wrong way, someone blinks, yawns or frowns, or there is someone stood behind someone. Often all of that happens all at once!


So I am often told "we don't want lots of posed photos," but then on the day of the photo shoot I am asked: "Oh could we just have a photo of all of us?" Then.... "Oh we must get one of the aunts and uncles,"......"can we have one of the kids?"......."I'd like a photo of me and my sister, we haven't seen each other for 3 years"..........."oh and Bob's side of the family"........"let's have one on the balcony"...........etc, etc.


Before you know it, time is marching on, and 1 hour later the "natural" family photos haven't happened yet.


Manage your expectations

So I guess I am saying, I am on your side, posed photos are boring, but they are necessary. Most people's idea of taking a family photo will involve everyone haphazardly bundled together quickly in front of a smartphone, that generally results in it looking very disorganised and unflattering/poorly lit. The expectation is instant results these days. However to get everyone into place properly still takes a while, and multiply that "quick photo" several times of all the groups you want, and things get a bit out of control


So manage your time expectations, do you really need every family combination that has just popped into your head? Leave plenty of time for relaxed photos of you involved in an activity.


The best ways to get natural family photos

A "natural" photo will likely only look natural if you have something to do. It's not about "catching you unaware," it's about your focus being on something other than me and the camera.


In the gallery above, the photos that look most natural are the ones where people are eating together outside, having a conversation, looking at old family photos together, playing games etc. Of course they were all fully aware that I was there, but I asked them to ignore me and carry on enjoying themselves. Once people know they don't have to perform, they relax and they are themselves, and it is their "natural" selves that people want to see in the photos.

Usually the only thing that stops me from getting more natural photos is being confronted with requests for group photos first, lack of time or lack of activities/a nice environment for people to interact with.


Family photography activity ideas for great photos

The best photos are natural photos. Here are some ideas of activities that will help keep you focused on each other and enjoying yourselves rather than feeling uncomfortable in front of a camera.

  1. Water pistol/balloon fight
  2. Wheelbarrow races carrying small children
  3. Piggy back racing
  4. Riding bikes
  5. Stone skimming
  6. Sandcastle making
  7. Walking the dog
  8. Bubble blowing
  9. Family picnic
  10. Looking for insect wildlife with a magnifying glass
  11. Feeding the ducks
  12. Keeping a football in the air
  13. Sitting on or swinging from a tree branch
  14. Forced perspective photos (ask me about this or google it)
  15. And so many more!

Family photography in Lyme Regis, Dorset with the Nettley family

Lyme Regis was a great place for family photographs for the Nettley family as there were lots of opportunities for interesting backgrounds. I particularly liked the boats background. Choosing a fun place to go for photos helped relax everyone and the kids even got an ice cream out of it! In only an hour we got lots of great photos but we could have got plenty more as there were lots of other nice places to explore and lots of ideas I had in my head.

What they said…..

“Ross is very good at putting you at ease and was fantastic at getting the best out of the children. He was very patient and moved us around swiftly to keep the children captivated. We have all been blown away by such fabulous pictures. I would definitely work with Ross again. Thank you for beautiful captivated memories.”


“I have mounted the small ones and they are already on display. I will take a photo of them so you can see what I mean. They really are stunning. Something we can treasure and look back on in years to come. A moment in time! The children are pleased with them too which is a huge success. Thank you again so, so much and I hope we can sort another shoot in the future.”

Family photography in Cannington – Locke family

I had a lovely evening family photo shoot with the Locke family. The shoot location was Cannington in Somerset and it was a beautiful sunny evening. I had an hour for the shoot so I started by acquainting myself with the family and then having a look at the surroundings such as the gardens of the house and a nearby stream. I was also informed that there was a field of wheat nearby so I thought that would be a brilliant opportunity for a very attractive country background.


I was fortunate enough to have three very smiley subjects, Guy, Lucy and Anthony who were very pleasant to photograph and all happy to be part of some new family photos once they got to know me a bit. Of course I would have liked more time to get even more photos, but even in a short time we got a lot of photos and we all had a great time. Nice to know that the photography from that evening will be added to the rest of their family photos and enjoyed for years to come.

What they said…..

“I thought you did really well coping with two teenagers who were a bit nervous beforehand. You had a relaxed manner with them and afterwards they both said how much they enjoyed the experience. It’s great that you are all about the quality of the photographs and the whole experience.”


A fee will be charged to book the date of the photography shoot, but will not be refunded if cancelled. If the date is moved due to poor weather, I will accommodate a new date without charge, subject to availability.


Weekend bookings more than 3 weeks away will be booked at the discretion of Moment Photography (depending on demand for wedding bookings).


The remaining payment must be paid at the time of the shoot.


I charge by the time taken to capture the photos. But for every hour taking the photos, usually there is more than an hour of editing them. I take a lot of care to make the images colourful and really stand out.

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