Wedding photographer in Somerset

Natural and relaxed, candid wedding photography

Why should you book me as your wedding photographer?

  • Many years of experience - established in 2006
  • Wedding photography with me is relaxed and unobtrusive
  • I guide you to help give you the very best and most natural looking wedding photos
  • Lots of positive reviews from weddings I have photographed
  • Quick turnaround of your wedding photos
  • Free online wedding gallery that makes selecting your wedding photos really easy

I have already overcome the pitfalls inexperienced new wedding photographers face. I have worked in a wide variety of Somerset wedding venues from big to small, coped with rainy weddings, large numbers of people, and tight time frames. You are in safe and experienced hands.


A wedding photographer in Somerset who offers great service

Why book me as your wedding photographer?


An experienced wedding photographer

I've photographed well over 100 weddings. I've been to posh venues and simple venues. I've photographed sunny wedding days and rainy wedding days. I'll get you the best photos whatever the circumstances. The price you pay for my wedding photography is based upon years of experience. I've already overcome the challenges of working with lots of people, working under pressure to time tight timescales, and have mastered the technicalities of using a camera.


Rapport with you and your wedding guests

Rapport is about as important as the photography itself. I love to meet your guests, have a joke and bring out the smiles. People notice how hard I work at weddings and often comment. That helps people to trust me and enjoy having their photo taken.


Efficient but friendly photography

There's a lot happening on a wedding day and as a wedding photographer you need to be organised and make sure you get the shot. This includes organising the family group photos. I've worked with groups of 5 people to over 200! You can trust me to get everyone under control and in place whilst keeping everyone happy.


Discreet wedding photography

Most of the time you will forget I am even at your wedding. I will be quietly capturing all the special moments, without interrupting you enjoying time with your wedding guests.


High quality wedding images

You get the full quality, beautiful high resolution images. The images I provide you with contain exceptional levels of detail due to the (very expensive) lenses that I use, and a very high resolution camera. I even give you your wedding photos in various sizes so it is easier to upload them to facebook.


Freedom of use once you have your wedding photos

After your wedding day, the digital images I give you, you can post on facebook, on your website, give them to friends, or print your own as big as you like.


No over the top photoshop filters

Whilst I can add all sorts of filters to your photos if you so wish, my style is to edit your photos so they look natural, colourful, and they truly reflect your day. I aim to provide you with timeless images that will look beautiful in years to come, not just for a year or two whilst a style is on trend. A photo that is well taken in the first place doesn't need to be fixed in Photoshop to look good.


The process of photographing your wedding day

From your perspective you will probably take note of only a small part of the overall service I provide couples; the wedding day.


In a nutshell, my wedding photography packages include:

  • a wedding meeting
  • email/phone correspondence before and after the wedding day
  • attending the wedding and taking the photos
  • a few days editing the photos
  • making an online wedding gallery
  • delivering the final product to you.

The fun bit of course is taking the photos on the wedding day, but that is probably only 20% of the service I provide.


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How I became a wedding photographer in Somerset

I was born in London, however I have spent most of life in Somerset. I first got into wedding photography after photographing some friend's weddings and also some family weddings. Those were not Somerset weddings though, they were in New Zealand of all places.


In my early adult life I was always artistic and creative minded. Along the way of figuring out what I wanted to do as a career, I ended up going travelling. During that journey of discovery I had my camera. That was where my creativity grew and I discovered I enjoyed photographing weddings (as well as lots of other things of course).


I admit as a younger person back then I didn't appreciate Somerset as much as I do now. No high mountains or glaciers like New Zealand, Somerset is a more understated beauty by comparison. However, I was also an inexperienced photographer back then compared to now.


Since those travelling days, I have been the wedding photographer for many couples in Somerset and of course not all are super glamorous or have a huge budget. But my skills at photography have moved on vastly over the past 20 years, so I can get great photos in the most ordinary of locations.


One thing that evolved very early on was how I interacted with the wedding guests at the Somerset weddings I was attending. It's no good being good at working a camera if you are not good at working with people. I had to force myself to come out of my shell in order to get everyone's attention and get them to stand where I needed them or provoke a smile by saying something a little silly. When you have photographed over 125 weddings right across Somerset, you learn what works and how to get the best out of people. If they like you, they will smile for you.


I am also pretty calm at weddings these days whatever is thrown at me. I've dealt with plenty of tight deadlines and awkward lighting conditions in the past, but now I know what to look for, what to avoid, and I have become better and more efficient at capturing photos even in difficult circumstances. That's experience for you, you can't buy that as a photographer.


One of the best things about being a wedding photographer in Somerset is all of the majestic and historic buildings we have here. We really are spoilt to have such beautiful places as a backdrop for wedding photography. Add to that some of the lovely landscapes I have seen when photographing some of these Somerset couples.


That said I can equally give you great photos in the dappled light under a tree, against a big old barn door, in a small area of long grass or using the reflections of a window.


I really enjoy photographing weddings, I guess you could say for me they are a little bit like a treasure hunt, as at each wedding I am always on the lookout for the photos that are real gems. Captured emotions, cute details, fun interactions between people, and grand backdrops. Those are the photos I enjoy taking and those are the photos you will treasure.

A wedding photographer in Somerset who has photographed over 125 weddings

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