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South west wedding photographer in business since 2006

As a wedding photographer in Somerset, I’ve provided a professional wedding photography service for many Somerset weddings, and also all over the South West. To date, this Bridgwater based Somerset wedding photographer has photographed over 125 weddings!


With more than a decade of wedding photography experience, I have already overcome the pitfalls inexperienced new wedding photographers face as they enter the industry. I have worked in a wide variety of Somerset wedding venues from big to small, coped with rainy weddings, large numbers of people, and tight time frames. Also, none of my wedding couples have been models or a natural in front of the camera. Just everyday people like you and me (models and film stars are welcome though haha).


Unobtrusive wedding photography

I know you want a south west wedding photographer that won’t be too intrusive of your day. The photos you love most are the ones where people are caught unaware. No problem, I have heard that at almost every wedding meeting and that is what I give to my clients. You want the best wedding photos for your money and a Somerset wedding photographer who will provide you with a professional wedding photography service and not stop you from enjoying your wedding day.


Quality wedding photography needn't only come at a high price

I give all my clients the same quality wedding photography service no matter how much they spend, the only difference is how much you’d like. Whether just a few hours or all day coverage. Naturally the more coverage you have, the better the story I can tell in pictures of your wedding day, but you just book me for the time you'd like.


I’d like to think that I have enough information and wedding photography on my website, that by the time you contact me, you are already close to the point of making a booking. Wherever there are gaps, I’m happy to answer your questions – you can contact me here.


Jonathan & Sophie – “WOW!! These photo’s have taken our breath away. Thank you soooo much”


Reinier & Hannah – “Ross,you were fantastic! On the day you were so friendly and unobtrusive”


Video and written feedback

“How many wedding photos will I get?”

You know what they say; “quality, not quantity.” I will take probably well over 1000 photos at your wedding, but rather than trying to impress you with quantity and show you every single photo, I will present you with photos that have been lovingly edited, and you will find difficult to choose from. I believe less photos, edited well, are always better than a vast quantity of images that haven't had the same care given to them.


Rapport with you and your wedding guests

Rapport is about as important as the photograph itself. I will go through all the details of your day and show you what I am capable of, allowing you to feel at ease being in front of the camera. I will also chat with your guests breaking down barriers and bringing out the smiles. I work hard and tirelessly at weddings and people ALWAYS notice that and comment. That helps people to trust me and enjoy having their photo taken.


Digital images and sharing them

If you want a disc of images, I’m not going to say you can’t make copies of it. If you want to give a copy to friends and relatives, go for it. With a disc of images you can post them on facebook, on your website, email them to friends or print your own as big as you like. I won’t stick an ugly watermark over your photos. You just get the full quality beautiful high resolution images on disc. I even give them to you in various sizes so it is easier to upload them to facebook. The images are high quality enough to print to A3 or larger so don’t think the detail of the images is limited to what you see on this website


That’s all great, but that's a lot of money for a few hours at a wedding and a few hundred photos

Ok, let’s be honest, no potential client is going to say that to me, but they are probably going to be thinking it. You could liken it to a painter (except I’m painting with pixels). Would a person complain how much a painting cost when all that was needed to produce it was a canvas, some paint brushes, some paint, and a few hours? OK yes I’m not the world famous Picasso, but the point is, often the tools or time can seem insignificant, but it is the person using them that matters and what gives something value. My photography is based on many years of experience and an understanding of how to get the most from my camera and the people in front of it.


Similarly, the tools do not an artist maketh. Simply an expensive camera or paint brush does not make for art, it is the artist that matters and how they use their tools. See here for more on this.


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