Stylish modern wedding albums

All the bespoke wedding albums I offer are based around elegant design, so no matter what colour or material you choose, your album will look timeless as opposed to gimmicky. Your photos will look as beautiful in years to come as the year of your wedding.

modern wedding album

You get value for your money with these wedding albums and they can be whichever colour you choose. The design is of a sleek digital style, the pages lay completely flat, and they allow you to make the most of all that space available so the detail in the images really hit you. The albums come in a sturdy presentation box meaning your beautiful wedding album will be well protected (although it probably won’t be put away much at least at first, because you will be busy showing it to everyone!!).


You can have your names debossed into your album cover if you wish. This adds your own classy personal touch and really makes a big difference to the album’s appearance. Debossing is £50 for setup and design, but if you have more than one album there is no extra charge as long as the same design is used for each. You can see the debossing in the images below.

Beautiful wedding photography

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