Wedding photography at Almonry Barn

Sam & Dave's wedding

A new wedding venue for me, I loved doing wedding photography at Almonry Barn for Dave & Sam this summer. Almonry Barn in Langport has loads of character, it’s right in the Somerset countryside and on Dave & sam’s wedding day the sun shone gloriously.


Rustic country weddings seem to be very popular, or at least weddings with rustic elements to them. Almonry Barn certainly seemed to fit that category of wedding style for Dave and Sam.


So what features would I think of as being part of a rustic wedding? Well, slices of tree trunk as decoration pieces on the tables at the wedding reception, bare stone walls, some woven decorative willow hearts and piles of logs.


It’s all these details and rustic backgrounds and more that add interest to a wedding in the Somerset countryside. But then it goes with the territory when you are having your wedding ceremony in a barn like Dave & Sam.


It was a super sunny day on their wedding day, in fact upon my arrival I forgot to remove my white sunglasses from on top of my head and didn’t have time to go back to the car to leave them there. So there they were on my head during the wedding ceremony!


Sunny weddings are what everyone wants of course, but given most people’s weddings are slap bang in the middle of the day, it means the sun is right overhead, which isn’t so flattering for the photos. It’s then that I start looking for shade.


With the group of guys I found a good spot in front of some piles of logs and some bunting. For the group of girls there was a huge tree that provided some shade. Most times I try and have the sun behind people so I’m the only on squinting. But that’s ok I’m not in the photo!


Probably my favourite shot of the day was during the throwing of confetti. Almonry Barn has this raised grassy area that is pretty much like a runway strip. I made a line of guests on either side and then just walked backwards as a massive shower of dried rose petal confetti rained down on them. I took plenty of photos of this, but you get a few shots that really stand out. The trick is to get the reaction without their face being covered up by rose petals!


I also like the two shots of them stood in front of the apple tree and the stone wall with natural wood. The backgrounds at Almonry Barn make for some really fab photos.


Later some time after the wedding, I made an offer to Dave and Sam with their wedding photos and along with what they had already purchased, they bought all the rest of the photos, so now they have the full set. Great, I did my job well.

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