Halswell House wedding photography

Ed & Stefanie's wedding

Ceremony and Reception venue, Goathurst, Somerset


“Thanks so much for posting all the awesome photos, they look great. We’ve had loads of really nice comments about them, and I’ve passed your details onto a few of my friends who were interested.”


A wonderful day photographing the wedding of Ed & Stefanie at Halswell House. I’ve photographed a few wedding at this Goathurst wedding venue and it really is a very grand building and an elegant place for a wedding.


Ed and Stefanie are both down to earth enthusiastic people. They are both creatives and involved in the TV industry, they even brought along cutting edge video gear to film the wedding ceremony!


It’s so nice when a couple has such enthusiasm for fun and creative photos, so we all had a really great time and got some beautiful photos of their wedding at Halswell House in Goathurst.

Ed & Stefanie’s story

“There have been 3,241 recorded incidences of ‘love at first sight’ since time began. 2,026 were cases of mistaken identity. 802 were interspecies. 4 were on a microscopic scale. 7 were between ethereal entities (ghosts, elementals and the like). And 12 were narcissistic. I’d like to say ours is one of the other 390, but sadly it wasn’t.


Our story began with beer, a hit-and-run, and some fateful dating advice…..

It was a blustery day in late winter when a young Englishman first set foot in the United States of America. A land of cowboys and indians, wealth and opportunity, Snuggies and Shamwows. He came, a young man with few cares and even fewer dollars, to visit the science and natural history filmmaking program at Montana State, a place where he hoped to learn his craft. Little did he know what fate had in store for him…


During that visit, whilst passing the sound studio (in which sounds are oft produced), the dashing young Englishman caught the eye of a slightly younger but far prettier All-American girl. Temporarily distracted from her soundboard (and for some inexplicable reason sounding like a Jane Austin novel) she thought to herself, “Oh, Mr. Darcy…you are so dashing!"


After a long day of touring the school, pretending to know what a ‘QuickTime’ was and where exactly one is supposed to point a shotgun mic, the students took the Englishman out for a drink at the local cowboy bar. Lacking any suitable cowboys to distract her, the lovely Miss Sharon Pieczenik suspected some chemistry brewing between the beautiful, but shy, All-American girl and the dashing, but slightly dopey, Englishman. Subtly switching seats she watched gleefully as the All-American girl bounced quarters into the Englishman’s pint, and then gasped in amazement as he downed it in one gulp.


As the evening wound down, everyone said their merry goodbyes, and Miss Pieczenik discovered all was not well on the street. A severely irresponsible driver had crashed into her car without so much as a note left behind. The Englishman surmised this incident was probably due to the American habit of driving on the wrong side of the road—the All-American girl disagreed. So while Miss Pieczenik filed a police report, the two stayed behind in the bar to continue the discussion alone. Truth be told it was a slightly tipsy discussion, but at some point during it the All-American girl asked for advice on how to find a date, and the Englishman sagely replied, “You’re cute, just have more confidence and they’ll come flocking in”. Wise words from a man who flew away the next day.


However, six months later and on first name terms….

Stefanie was delighted that Ed was settling in well with his new roommate Parker Brown—her closest friend in Montana, who inexplicably had a surname for his first name. Poor Stefanie was puzzled however, because whenever she came to visit, Ed always seemed to want her to stick around and watch an episode of ‘Little Britain’, or occasionally to pour water on a rather large and questionable-looking spider for one of his films (long story). Naturally, she assumed he was lonely, having just moved across the world…I mean, why else would someone want to spend this much time with little ole her?


Her doubts notwithstanding, she found herself loving each minute she spent with him…and even went out to the local bar in her pajama pants one night just to see him, which Ed never lets her forget (they were red plaid, it was a Tuesday, he wore pink). Soon after, her imminent move to DC (and some encouragement from Parker) emboldened her to make a move, and after Ed did some fish-sitting for her, she claimed she owed him a free dinner…. something Ed has yet to refuse.


Ed, fairly convinced he was finally going on a date with Stefanie, was a bit confused as to why a restaurant they went to had no liquor on the menu. Stefanie on the other hand was still confused as to whether the evening was an actual date or not. After a wonderful dinner Stefanie dropped Ed off at home (he only had a bicycle, not made for two), and after much blushing and stammering, she finally managed to drop what she thought was a bomb—she liked him. He smiled and laughed, having already worked that out, and said, “You’re wicked. Let’s do this again sometime.” He then proceeded to give her one of the most dashingly awkward goodbye hugs in history (one arm squashed hanging limply at her side, the other wrapped awkwardly around his waist. The judges gave it 9 out of 10).


Having gotten all the awkward out of their system, Stef and Ed had one blissful month together before she upped and moved to DC, but that wasn’t about to keep them apart. After a year of faffing about doing his degree, Ed finally moved to DC and decided to stay in America for the shy all-American girl. She’s been the happiest girl alive ever since.


Ed and Stef got engaged on May 12th 2009. He proposed to her in a hot air ballon over the rolling fields of Charlottesville, Virginia, with a ring that he hand carved. She said yes (well actually she kind of just cried a bit… but the effect was the same.)


Stefanie is….

a producer and editor at NASA who moonlights as a music video editor when the chance arises. She’ll always call Colorado her home and misses the mountains dearly. She loves corn mazes, pumpkin pie, and long hikes in the fall, sweet corn and bbq on the porch in the summer, hot chocolate, sledding, and snowflakes in the winter, and fuzzy ducklings and cherry blossoms in the spring. Oh…and she loves Ed most of all!


Ed is …

a freelance producer, editor and RED camera operator, who moonlights as reasonable human being [ http://www.naturalscinema.com ]. He is perpetually confused by the amount of adverts on the telly in the US and misses the BBC dearly. He loves curry, BBQ, long stretches in bed, luke-warm chocolate, bumblebees, otters, peas and writing silly things on websites. His true love, however, is Stefanie.”


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