Wedding photography at Hornsbury Mill

Suzanne & Andrew's wedding

Last Saturday I attended a wedding at a familiar venue to me: Hornsbury Mill. Well actually the ceremony was at Staplegrove Church in Taunton. This past few days I have been working really hard to make the photos look fab.


The photo of the rings was taken as people were getting ready. I simply needed a background and to get out the macro lens. In the garden was a large reddish rock and that was all I needed. The diamonds on the ring are already eye catching, but the colour of the rock with the sunshineI think added to it. Sometimes you can get great photos out of very little.


I also tried to find a suitable place for Suzanne’s shoes to take a photograph. Sometimes with all the busyness of getting ready in the morning the bedroom where the bride is getting ready can be filled with hair accessories and makeup, along with bags and boxes. It's just a case of finding a way to be selective with framing the shot and then a little blur and extra colour to make it work.


Suzanne arrived at Staplegrove Church in a beautiful old Rolls Royce and opened the door to glorious sunshine. The shot of her getting out of the wedding car was an absolute winner. I asked her to step out slowly and smile at the camera. It can be tricky keeping focus on a moving subject but I managed to nail it and the reflection of the foliage in the car window along with the colour of the wood and the bouquet really helped frame Suzanne beautifully.


The day was glorious after the miserable murky skies we have had and only weeks since we had snow! It was blue skies all round on the day and as the Vicar of the church said, God even provided the confetti in the form of new blossom right outside the entrance to the church. This was a splendid background for some of the family group photos.


At Hornsbury Mill there are lots of lovely backgrounds. You have the lake, a little walkway through the trees and some birdlife. You will often see a few peacocks wandering about; one stole a potato from my plate at one wedding there! The weddings where guests can freely mingle around outside make for the best photos, so Andrew and Suzanne were fortunate that the weather was kind to them.


With the shot of Andrew lifting up the veil; I asked Suzanne to cover both her and Andrew in the veil for what I planned to be a romantic photo. However a gust of wind made for a comedy moment instead so I quickly caught it on camera.


Andrew and Suzanne were lovely to work with and with their pleasant personalities easy to get some smiles.


“Everyone gave really good feedback about you on the day – you were very unobtrusive and it was great that you stayed until the first dance. Mum has already passed on your details to friends whose daughter is getting married. I would recommend you to anyone I know who is getting married.”


You can expect my wedding photography at Hornsbury Mill to be discreet and make the most of its best features. I have good experience of wedding photography at Hornsbury Mill with three weddings there already and another one booked for this year (at time of writing).

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