Wedding photography at Taunton School

Errol & Abbi's wedding

Wedding ceremony at North Street Church in Taunton

Wedding reception photography at Taunton School

I don’t mind saying that I have known Abbi (and more recently Errol) for a few years now and as she has seen my photography develop in that time. I never expected to photograph her wedding, but I guess time passes and before you know it…..


Errol and Abbi got married at North Street Church in Taunton. The church was packed due to lots of relatives and many friends both Errol and Abbi know from church. One friend even came all the way from India! The wedding reception photography was at Taunton School in Somerset. Taunton School was a really great backdrop for the group photos, it looked very grand, although Abbi did get caught by the odd gust of wind at times!

Here's what Abbi & Errol had to say about the wedding photography I provided for them after their wedding at Taunton School

Why did you choose Moment Photography?


“It was a no brainer for me, I’ve known Ross for quite a few years now and he’s taken some pictures of me in the past and they’ve always been really good, so for our wedding day we knew we could trust him that he would make us look really beautiful in the pictures.”



“As Abbi said, we’ve known Ross for a little while now and I’ve seen so many of his other photos and we just thought it would be so good for him to do ours as well.”



What was it like being photographed by Moment Photography?


“It was really good, I mean I’ve got a big family, Abbi’s got quite a big family as well, so we needed a lot of organisation, and Ross was just really friendly, but also able to get all the work done, you know and round us all up and you know take some really good photos, really good to working with him.”



“Yeah, he makes us really comfortable as well, you know a bit of banter with everybody and he just fitted in and everyone just got on with him. He wasn’t sort of in your face with a camera, but was really respectful of your space, but also capturing the day in a really good way.”



What do you think of the results?


“Well, the results were excellent, we were so happy weren’t we when we finally got the photos. We got to see them online first of all, we were going through each one and we got a lot of comments from different people saying how good they were, so just really happy with them all”



“One of the things that I said before we booked Ross, was that I just wanted one photo to make us look really glamorous and you know, really beautiful, and actually we got a lot of those photos, and are really, really happy with all of them."



What would you say to anyone thinking of using Moment Photography?


“I would say definitely go with Moment Photography, Ross is a really professional photographer, and you’ll just be so happy with the results.”



“I mean we’ve actually got a couple of friends who we have already recommended to Ross, and they’re getting married this year, so we’d say the same thing to you as we’ve said to them, give him a call."

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