Wedding photography in Taunton for David & Rachael

I enjoy all the weddings I photograph, but there are some weddings that just stand above the others for me in how well they go, the people you are working with and the opportunities on the day.


That definitely applied to David and Rachael’s wedding in Taunton. I had already previously photographed the wedding of David’s sister Hannah a few years before. I had got to know the family a little and we had some common ground so we all got on really well. I so enjoyed photographing Hannah’s wedding with Reinier so I was over the moon when I was asked to also photograph her brother’s wedding.


I immediately knew when I met them for the wedding meeting that the wedding day was going to be something special, and I was not wrong. David and Rachael both had so much life and enthusiasm about them that they were a joy to work with just as Hannah & Reinier were.


I started at where Rachael was staying and arrived shortly before she was due to walk over to the church. The idea was to get a few family photos at the house and then some of her arriving for the ceremony.


Now as the Temple Methodist Church was only across the road from where she was getting ready, it was literally a one minute walk! This was great for me as I was able to nip across to the church for photos easily and get a whole picture of what was happening.


Looking from the outside of Temple Methodist Church, I had no idea that the interior was so stunning! There was also a very useful balcony that went all around the church, which offered me a fantastic viewpoint.


I felt the service was more personal than usual as I had met the family before, it really was just like I was photographing a best friend’s wedding. There was a lot of emotion in the ceremony, even I was getting choked up. David and Rachael exited the church with the biggest beaming smiles you could imagine and it was a joy to capture that.


David and Rachael wanted some photos in Vivary Park, which handily was just a couple minutes walk down the road from the church. The guests followed and I got some candids in the park along with the posed group photos. I really was spoilt for choice for beautiful backgrounds.


After the guests had been directed to the reception venue, I was able to get some truly beautiful photos of David & Rachael by themselves. I just loved how they were up for playing around a little with ideas and doing it all with a big smile.


After the photos in the park we moved on to the reception venue which was Oakwood Church. There were lots of friends who had a similar life about them and I enjoyed chatting to the guests as I joined them for the meal. Of course I was poised with my camera, so I got many candid photos at the reception as I enjoyed their company.


I really couldn't have asked for a better couple to photograph and I think I was as thrilled with the photos as they were!


“Wow, wow, wow! The photos of our wedding are so good! Thank you so much for capturing our day so perfectly.”

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