Engagement photography in Somerset

Why is engagement photography important?

I've photographed a LOT of weddings and one thing that I have learnt is that engagement photography adds so much to your wedding photography package because there is limited time on the wedding day. If you choose to have an engagement shoot it means there are no distractions.

engagement photography at Lyme regis

Unlike your wedding day, there is no relative trying to drag you away to say hello to someone who has just arrived, no person from your wedding venue asking you questions, and no pressure to hurry things along so the meal isn't delayed.


When I do engagement sessions with couples, we find a really beautiful place where you can have some quiet time with each other, enjoying your surroundings and thinking about your upcoming wedding day.


I love to suggest the Somerset Quantock Hills and Kilve Beach for engagement photography sessions. Nature has a very calming influence and it is a stunning backdrop for engagement photos!

engagement photography in Somerset woods

Your engagement shoot massively extends the limited time you'd normally have on your wedding day. Even if you really love having photos of yourself and you have a stunning wedding venue, it's impossible to fit everything in and an engagement shoot gives you many more romantic photos of the both of you without the pressure of time like on your big day.

engagement photography at a Somerset beach

Feeling comfortable on an engagement shoot

Another bonus to having an engagement shoot is that it is your first proper opportunity to get used to me and being in front of my camera. I'm really not that scary, but wouldn't you rather have someone take your photo when you have spent a bit of time with them and enjoyed their company first? Most people aren't used to or comfortable with the idea of having professional photos taken of them.


When you are having an engagement photography session with me, I can soon put you at ease and make it seem like a very natural and fun experience. As I go along, I love to show couples the photos I have taken of them during the engagement shoot, so as to give them confidence and generate excitement. I can see what will make beautiful magical photos in my head, but you might not have the same foresight to know what is possible with the surroundings. That's where it is important I show you how things are going. It relaxes you and it helps you have confidence that the photos are going to look brilliant during your engagement photography session and also on your wedding day.

£200 - for 2hrs / £100 when booked with a wedding package

Some beautiful engagement photos I have already taken

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